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Castillo de San Felipe

Castillo de San Felipe Another location that should not be missed while visiting Rio Dulce is El Castillo de San Felipe, which in Spanish means ‘The Castle’ of San Felipe de Lara. This fort was built by Spaniards in order to prevent the English pirates from stealing caravans & pillaging villages along the shores of Lake Izabal.



Castillo de San FelipeEl Castillo de San Felipe is located at a point where the river ends becoming what is now Lake Izabal. Its rocky location gave the castle a good field for battles, but the only success it achieved was to stop the daring pirates. When there where no more pirates by the end of the 1700, it was turned into a prison.


Castillo de San FelipeToday it has been nicely restored. It is surrounded by a park, where you may see families and friends, tourists and locals alike; enjoying picnics and taking in the view of the Lake Izabal. Boats are not permitted to anchor in front of the castle, guaranteeing a clear and unobstructed view of the building.






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