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Official site for Conservation and Sustainable Tourism
at the Rio Dulce National Park

Rio Dulce is an extremely valuable and unique natural reserve and tour destination for the world. This site is an official effort from the association for conservation and sustainable tourism development of the Rio Dulce National Park -ECORIO- to provide reliable information that may facilitate your travel or studies related to Rio Dulce.

Rio Dulce... as a ‘one of a kind’ ecological and cultural heritage for humanity, commits all of us to ensuring its conservation and environmental balance for the good of all its living beings in mutual benefit with our own future human generations, by promoting this region as a place to be visited, enjoyed, studied and cared.

Welcome to Rio Dulce!!!


This initiative is possible thanks to a collaborative work between the "Rio Dulce Association for Conservation ECO-RIO" and the "Rio Dulce Tourism Committee", pursuing the common goal of conservation and sustainable tourism and growth of the Rio Dulce National Park.

Come to Rio Dulce and Find

  • The Maritime Commercial pathway of the ancient Maya Civilization.
  • The Spanish Conqueror's route into Guatemala.
  • A stunning diversity of wildlife harmonized by the beauty of a unique geography and hidrography.
  • A relaxing spot where boats from all over the world arrive to find fresh waters.
  • A mixture of indigenous and foreign cultures living together in harmony.
  • Wide availability of tourism services, hotels and marinas at accesible prices.
  • One of the richest destinations in central america for birdwatching and wildlife observation.

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